Monday, January 31, 2011

The King Is Back! (Warning! No Pics!)

Oh wow! It's about time I blow away all these layers of dust that buried my blog. Well, I'm finally back after a year of hiatus. It's an amazing year (2010) and what 2011 awaits, I have no idea, and frankly, its a bit shaky now, but all will work out well. I believe it will be! =)

Let's pick up the bits and pieces that I have left behind, my year in Canning College was just amazing and definitely a memorable one. I did fairly well for my Foundation Program, which eventually led me here, in Canberra. For the last couple of days, these few lines kept on finding their way to my head, 'It's all good in Perth, why Canberra?', and up until recently, these came up, 'Ahh..How I wished either my brother or sister is around to help me out' , and of course, 'Peng Hooi, it sucks to be alone!' I have only one answer to them all, 'Peng Hooi, what is the one thing that will differ you from the Peng Hooi that decides to stay put in Perth? , Independence!' I guess I'm to afraid to admit that I'm always the 'child' of the family, the highly-dependent one. For now at least, I can finally say, I am starting to be independent. I do know that if I were ever to fall, it is gonna be a real mess and the safety net is pretty far away. Guess my life had always been involving people taking more responsibility over myself. Honestly, that felt good, like really good. You'd only feel the pain of it once you're on your own. Guess who's in that shoe now. =( Well, it's about time to sober up, and to start taking more responsibilities.

On a more appetizing note (not), I realised what it really meant by a good cook. A good cook is a person that can cook reasonable meals even if the crowd is not quite there and the cook's assistance are not up to standard. All these years, I knew that I can cook, and that I will never starve *touch-wood* , but now I know that I can cook well, because I've been watched over. Cooking is the easy part (this comment has no intention to undermine others, at all), the tough part is to prepare the ingredients to cook and to plan the meals ahead. That means the backbone to become a good cook is to always have stuffs planned ahead, which includes the whole planning part. That is when I realise that I'm not a good cook, not well-qualified yet. FYI, I'm still surviving for now, my current staples include milk, muesli, almonds, yogurt, grapes, and bread. My breakfast, lunch and dinner are pretty much the same, they have only slight variations. Oh btw, I have added Tiramisu to my arsenal of recipes. Gotta say, I'm AWESOME!

Hmm.. let's see what's up recently. I've been spending a lot, on food, transport and rent (a real killa!!) It really defines 'dagger to the wallet'. I've submitted a cover letter and an attached resume (do I have one?Hell yeah!!) to apply a job as an Administrative Assistant in Australia National University Students' Association (ANUSA) (Truth, I laughed when I first saw this abbreviation). Their reply was really a prompt one as I've sent my application at about a quarter past 4, and they replied 5 mins to 5. That's really quick! =) Also, I've been moving around quite heavily lately, getting to know places, and still looking for a perfect jogging route.

My brother and I made some sorta deal/challenge, which is to have the ultimate guns (arms) and a ripped body. I've started on it by controlling the first factor to it, diet. I plan my diet as carefully as I possibly can. Wish me luck on it =) Also, another deal with my sister was if she loses a dress size, I will fully sponsor her wedding gown for her registration on the 11th of Nov 2011. I will keep to my word, and for that, I've gotta work even harder, to pay my rent when I'm back in Msia during the 2011 break (I have loads of stuffs here now 3 huge check-in bags, 1 check-in box, a hand-carry bag, and a laptop bag about 60 kgs + of stuffs that I brought over. To purchase my air ticket back to Perth, then back to Msia, then back again will be hefty too..

Well, more on me crapping on with my life tomorrow. I'm really sleepy now, its 10.50 pm currently. Long and hot day ahead. Take care peeps!


Peng Hooi

Friday, January 29, 2010


Yeap. Orientation was a blast! Lots of new friends! Did lots of great activities, silly stuffs and more on games and stuffs like that. Timeline for the photos are screwed up. Just look up for the captions above each photos. =) There's a video at the bottom too!!

This is taken after the fireworks on Aussie Day. I find the hat is rather unique!!

Koala on the left and the Tasmanian Devil on the right

And more animals. They're in Caversham Wildlife Park. A must to visit!

This is the dance group that I'm in. Yet, I still don't know what is Bush Dance. I just somehow danced some traditional dances. That's it!

It's where I stayed from the 20th Jan - 25th Jan. Just one of the units =)

Just got a news that my brother, Dev had somehow escaped from NS, and got a place in UNITEN, Malaysia to do Accelerated Japanese Language! And if he succeeds, he'll be offered scholarship to study in JAPAN! Dream came true huh bro! Good luck in your endeavours! =) Above everything else, I'm good and is kinda anxious for college to start on 2nd of Feb! Wish me luck! Take care people!! Nights!! The video is above 100 MB. Sorry people!!


-Peng Hooi-

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yeap!! And it's scorching here! Today's 42 degrees max! which is from mid day till late evening. Played badminton in a community centre. Everything's awesome except for the scorching weather and burning temperature! But, it's good to endure it once awhile ( Once is enough! Isn't it? xD). Met some of the badminton mates. Very friendly indeed.

Today's temperature isn't that appealing as well. 41 degrees can really 'cook' anyone. My head was really spinning in the afternoon when the temperature was at max (41 degrees), Gotta take a short nap, ended up sleeping for hours. =( More packing today for my orientation. Not sure what else should I bring along. And how much should I bring along. Too much will result in bringing a HUGE luggage bag and make myself look like a fool. Anyhow, will leave the decision making for tomorrow where the forecast temperature is much lower, 35 degrees. Hopefully, no more SPINNING MY HEAD RIGHT ROUND!! =)

Took some pictures, not much actually.

iMac in black and white scheme. It looked kinda cool to me though. =)

My iMac in coloured scheme.

This application is awesome. Google Earth!! Way better than Google Map! Well equipped with weather & temperature forecast, rooftop viewing, route mapping, distance between 2 locations and the time taken to travel between 2 locations.

And as promised, the picture of the lobsters!! Yummy!!! It tasted amazingly fresh.

That's all for this blog post. Getting very lethargic now due to the excessive heat exposure! xP
Nights people!! And wish me luck for my orientation! First impression is very very important! =) Take care and wishing all my friends, the best of luck! xD


-Peng Hooi-

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Woke up kinda late this morning. About 10 or so, cause I slept fairly 'early' yesterday. xD
Washed the car, waxed it as well. Cooked a dish for lunch as well. It's just scoured broccolis and carrot. It was rather uncooked though. But I find it just nice. Hey, 'one man's meat is another man's poison'. RIGHT? I added some chilli sauce to it, and it tastes very thai style!! =)
Not much photos taken today. Just one!!

It isn't a good picture (taken from inside a moving car. Bare with it!) The building behind the trees is the newly built Chemical engineering faculty in Curtin University. Completely sponsored by British Petroleum(BP), (everything is paid by them) Looks cool eh!! Kinda interesting though!

Anyhow, I checked the Curtin Uni's website. And the availability courses for engineering is darn large. Then I looked under Physics field. Nanotechnology is in it! Sounds very tempting! Then again, I was quite fond with the Nuclear Physics course. Unfortunately, there aren't any available in Curtin. I Goggled it and so far found two Uni that provides it. One is University of Sydney and the other is in Canberra. Too far!! Nvm, it's just what I find interesting to me so far! Might change my plans in the coming future!.

Then again, I'm wishing a very Happy Advanced 18th Birthday to Angie Cheah, my pet sister!
P.S. You owe me hugs!! =)

Above everything else, I'm gonna hit the sack soon. 5th night in Perth. Kinda tired now, went out to shop for groceries in Swansea St. Fresh Market again! Bought lots of veges and fruits. Then, played basketball with my bro at about 7.30p.m. Shoot some hoops and learned some new tricks, more advices to be precise. Brisk walked there and full jog back home (15 mins). Legs are freaking heavy now! Well, night peeps!!


-Peng Hooi-

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Damn, it's just awesome! Everything is just too good to be true here (so far). Lots of shopping!! And more shopping!! more on household appliances. Yesterday is rather hot and dry during the evening! My throat is rather dry now even though I'm consuming much more water. Had many kinds of food! Lots of new delicacies =) Tried fish n' chips, and the chips are darn awesome!! xD And fruits and vege, just gotta witness with your own eyes!! Here are some pics of my shopping spree and eating as well. =)

The best bubble-tea I've ever tasted! Original bubble tea with milk and sago. Awesome!

These are all chocolates>>>

Err!!.. No thanks! =P

Cow's tongue. It's a delicacy in Korea (I heard). I'll pass!!!

Fresh fruits and vegetables in Swansea Fresh Market.

Well, I think that's all for this post. I won't be able to post anything from 20-25th Jan! Got orientation for college at Trinity. Today's Huei Xiang's birthday, my buddy since Standard One. Happy 18th Birthday! Have a blast =D Goodnight people!! My life in Aussie gets more interesting as every moment passes by! Take care peeps!! Nights!! Cheers mate!! x)


-Peng Hooi-

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Woke up at 5am, ran some apps on my PC to wet it up for my parents to use. Then, breakfast and showered. Loaded stuffs into the car..then left at exactly 7am. Reached the airport about 7.30am. Rearranged some stuffs, and checked-in. Somehow, my sister and her boyfriend got upgraded to business class from economy class due to excessive e-ticketing on economy class. I was stuck in Economy class though. Nvm, met a fairly nice asian lady from Perth (lol) somewhere about my age named Jess. We got the front isle sit, but then got requested to sit at the back window sits cause the couple was carrying a newborn baby, so yeah. Good Samaritans we were =)
Somehow, there are quite a number of air crew sitting in the isle sits next to us. But there off duty. They were passengers at that time. Some of the air stewardess were quite good looking though. =D. One of them reminded me of Zhi Yuin, large eyes and broad yet pleasant smile. xD
Landed at about 5 mins to 3pm. Arrived my sisters place at almost 4. Not sleepy, but kinda right now. This are some of the pics during the flight, after, before, and now!

This is how I multitask now. 1 laptop, but with double screens. Can drag anything across each other. Blog and facebook on the right, msn chatting on the left.

My flight ticket!!

My flight gate is G8, and it's straight ahead.

And there it is, G8.

And this is the picture take in AC, a few days before I left, went pool-ing with Kel.

This is what happens when I feel like I never left the country before

That's all for this post. Will further update on myself. Gonna create a bank account and a student verification age tomorrow. Nights people!!


-Peng Hooi-

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well, my flight tomorrow to Perth, Aussie is 9.40 am. Will be leaving home by 7 in the morning. Should be awake by 5.30am to get ready!! This would be my last post before I depart and leave Malaysia. Sorry for the absence of pictures that I've promised, I'm currently using my PC, which means I have no bluetooth access to transfer the pics. Anyhow, this blog post should be my Goodbye message to all my friends, brothers, and pet sisters. Family> I'll wish them as soon I reach the airport. Good luck & all the best to all of you!! I've already began to miss you all!! I shall pull through it with all the moral supports! =)
Darn!! Time really does flies!! =( Anyhow, Goodbye again!!


-Peng Hooi-